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Driver training (video & printable documentation)
Driver training (video & printable documentation)

Here you can find documents in PDF format to print out and give to your drivers

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Hello and welcome to Dashdoc!

You have just equipped your drivers with the Dashdoc application ?

Here are some elements that can help you to train your teams!

1. Documentation for training your drivers on the Dashdoc application

With this documentation, share the key steps of the mobile application with your drivers to :

  • Create a consignment note

  • Get a consignment note signed

Click on the following links to download the driver documentation you are interested in:

Documentation / training for drivers (DE, NL, SK)

Driver documentation is also available in German, Dutch, and Slovak :

2. Easily set up your application:

Once you are logged in to Dashdoc, you can manage various settings on the mobile application. You can then :

3. In the event of an inspection, access your documents quickly!

In the event of an inspection, your drivers can easily access the consignment note by clicking on "Display the consignment note". This button will be accessible at all stages of the mission.

⚠️ This article has been automatically translated.

4. Carry out different types of transports

Link to the articles in the helpdesk explaining each type:

  • ADR : Inform all the specificities of an ADR transport directly on Dashdoc.

  • The IDTF goods transport : When you receive a mission with IDTF goods on the mobile application, Dashdoc will ask you to fill in the information about the cleaning. Here are the different steps on the app:

    Confirm the cleaning > Who did the cleaning > Type of cleaning > Product used > Photo of the cleaning note > Classic transport execution.

  • Rounds / rotations : Manage your rounds on the Dashdoc application. Easily add your rounds on the same transport mission!

  • Rental : Create your rental notes and carry out your rental missions directly via the mobile application. You will be able to enter your start and end times, your breaks, additional information...

You don't use the TMS Dashdoc yet and would like to know more about our solution :

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