🔛 Carriers: Subcontract your transports in Dashdoc

How does chartering work in Dashdoc? How do I subcontract a transport to a partner?

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Do you need to expand your capacity by chartering a partner ?

You want to :

  • control your margin,

  • communicate simply with your charterers,

  • have the field data for your subcontracted transport operations reported in real time

  • Your principal to have the same quality of information feedback while remaining discreet about the call for a third party service provider

It's possible with Dashdoc's TMS Chartering!

With the chartering, you will have a traceability and a control of the chartered transport from A to Z, as well as a centralized communication, ensuring you a real saving of time! ⏱️ 

You are already a Dashdoc customer and you are interested in this functionality ?

❓ How to charter transport on Dashdoc?

When planning your transport, you may decide to use one of your freight providers. But how do you go about it ?

Here's how it works:

From your transport page in the To Plan category:

In "Means": Click on "Plan or subcontract".

Select "Subcontract".

  • Manual

Select your carrier and add a price in the field Cost.

  • Recurring offers

You can upload the tariffs charged by your charterers into Dashdoc. Like this we display the carriers and their prices to you.

To do this, you need to download these 2 files and send them with your data to your project manager.

The assignation history of the last 5 transports is displayed with the costs per transport. This allows you to quickly find out the latest rates.

Sending of the charter confirmation :

Select the carrier to be chartered and choose the most suitable time to send the charter confirmation

If you check the box "Send charter confirmation": the order and the charter confirmation are sent automatically. You will find your transport in the "Orders/ Pending validation" menu.

If you uncheck the box "Send charter confirmation": the charter confirmation is not generated and the order is in: "Orders/ To be sent to the carrier".

The chartered carrier receives your charter confirmation by e-mail. If you have the "interactive" option, your carrier will be able to send the transport on his driver's mobile application. This way, you will have real-time visibility on the execution of the transport as if it were a truck from your fleet.

☝️ When the charter is created, two transports are then available and synchronised together. This allows everyone to see only the information that is relevant to them:

  • a "parent" shipment on which you are listed as a haulier. It is this shipment that is visible to your customer on the guest portal.

  • a "child" transport in which your charter partner is listed as the haulier. In this case, it is your company that appears as the ordering company.

This allows your customer to find all the information on his transport follow-up: your charter partner updates the transport, and all the information and documents are synchronised on the initial "parent" transport (weight, actual times, reserves, documents...).

The charter link is visible on the transports with these references:

There are several ways to retrieve transport information :

🔎 Where to find your chartered transport ?

You can easily identify the shipments you have subcontracted, as they can be found in the "Orders" category and thanks to the icon below.

You can also filter by carrier, to select only customer orders or only chartered transports:

You can switch from the "child" (chartered) order to the "parent" order (initial order between you and your principal) by clicking on the link at the top of your screen

By clicking on the link, you go directly from one transport to the other:

You can also find them by the charter scheduler, which allows you to find your transports easily and quickly!

💰 How to control your margin on your subcontracted transports ?

Dashdoc allows you :

  • To make sure that you have a positive margin when subcontracting

  • To visualize your profitability on a list of subcontracted transports

  • View your margin by shipment:

  • Gain visibility on your profitability on a list of subcontracted transports:

  1. Set up your columns to show the prices and margins of the shipments

2. Select the price, the sold price of the initial transport, the margin

3. Select the transports you are interested in and view your margin

N.B : This information is not available for export

Not yet a customer? If you would like to have access to a demo and trial of paperless transport documents with Dashdoc, please let us know here:

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