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Invited portal: Why and how to invite partners, customers, on their Dashdoc invited portal ?
Invited portal: Why and how to invite partners, customers, on their Dashdoc invited portal ?

Create access to the customer portal from your website!

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Why invite your partners?

  • Save time: your partners can follow the transport, pick up documents and place orders on their own.

  • Improve quality of service

📨 Dashdoc guest portal access

Who can I give access to a guest portal to?

You can give access to a guest portal to

  • your principals (transport tracking, order entry, document retrieval, etc.)

  • to your carriers (if you have the TMS chartering: carrying out chartered transports, transmitting documents, retrieving elements for invoicing, etc.)

  • for pick-up and/or delivery sites (transport document retrieval, order tracking, etc.).

Your partners will have access to a dedicated portal where they can track all the shipments you work with them on.

Find out more about what your partners see on their guest portal

How do I invite my partners?

Invite a contact from the address book :

  1. Go to the company file of the company you wish to invite (Menu > Address book > Ordering party, carriers or other companies).

  2. Select or create the contact to whom you wish to give access to the partner company's guest portal.

    1. To create a contact :

    2. Click on "New contact".

    3. Enter the e-mail address

    4. Click on "Save".

  3. Invite the chosen contact by clicking on "Invite".

  4. The contact receives an e-mail with a link to create an account and password.

  5. He accesses his customer portal

    1. The partner's name appears at the top of the screen, and he can see which company has invited him.

    2. He can find all the shipments for which he is concerned

      1. in Chartering: if it's a principal or pick-up/delivery site

      2. In Transport: if it's a carrier you've invited to carry out the orders you've assigned to it.

  6. Data sharing is enabled, so you can collaborate! 🎊 🎉

☝NB: These contacts are attached to the company file, and the company may have several pick-up and delivery addresses attached to it. The company's guest contacts will have access to the feeds you have collaborated on for all the addresses attached to this company file.

Invite a contact from a transport:

From each transport, you can now view who has access to that transport from their guest account:

1. Click on "Sharing" in the top right-hand corner of your screen

2. View who has access to this transport from their guest account

3. If the people you want don't have access, invite them!

📇Track the status of your invitations :

How do I know if a company already has Dashdoc access?

  1. Go to your address book:

  2. From the Address Book, in the tab "Principals", "Carriers" or "Other companies".

  3. Use the "invitation status" filter, and select one of the 3 statuses proposed in Dashdoc :

    1. Registered with Dashdoc (the company is already part of the Dashdoc network)

    2. Pending (you've sent at least one invitation to a company contact, but it hasn't yet been accepted)

    3. Uninvited (none of the company's contacts have been invited to the guest portal)

How do I know if my contact has already been invited to Dashdoc?

  1. Go to the "Contacts" tab in the main menu

  2. Search for your contact (name, e-mail address,...)

  3. Your contact's name will be displayed, along with the company to which he or she belongs and the status of his or her invitation. If he or she hasn't been invited yet, invite him or her!

📫 Resend invitation

If the contact hasn't received or accepted the invitation, you can resend it!

  • Click on the "resend invitation" button next to the contact's name.

You can send it by e-mail or copy the invitation link from the web platform to send it by another means.

When the invitation is accepted by your customer, it will say "Activated" next to the contact's name.

🚮 Edit or delete a contact

You can modify a contact, as long as he/she has not been invited to do so.

☝️ Once the contact has accepted the invitation and activated their account, you can no longer modify their contact details.

In this case:

  1. Delete the contact

  2. Create a new contact with the correct information

  3. Send the invitation

Good to know: When you delete a contact, their account is deactivated.

❓My guest is not receiving his transports in his portal, what can I do?

  1. Search for your contact in the "contacts" tab

  2. Check your contact's e-mail address. If it's correct, go on to the next step.

  3. Check the company to which your contact belongs

    ⚠ Be careful to check the spelling of the company, as there may be duplicates in your address book.

    e.g.: if your contact is associated with the company "Dashdoc" and not with "dashdoc", he won't have access to transport with the company "dashdoc" with a lower-case d.

  4. Check the status of his invitation: does he have access to his guest portal?

  5. If my contact's email address is correct and he's attached to the right company,

👉 I contact Dashdoc support

🖥️ Add guest portal access directly from your website

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