Integration with Shippeo, Transporeon

How to connect with shipper platforms? Which information and documents are shared?

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Dashdoc is integrated with shipper platforms !

Why connect Dashdoc with shipper platforms?

Activate the integration to simplify the communication with your shippers using a shipper platform:

  • The orders are automatically created in your Dashdoc account

  • Vehicles are automatically paired (Shippeo only)

  • The POD are automatically shared (Shippeo only)

How to connect Dashdoc with a shipper platform for a client ?

Price of the integration

Each link between a Dashdoc account and Shippeo / Transporeon will be charged on your subscription. Contact us if you want to activate it.

Once the option is on, here are the steps to set the connection :

  • In Settings -> My extensions, go to "shippers platform". Choose the tool to connect:

  • For each tool, fill your ID and choose the link to be activated:

  • Link the shippers :

  • To find the shipper ID:

Your connection is on!

The vehicles will be paired once the trucker is on loading site.

The POD will be sent once the transport is done.

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